Happy New Year!

Hello 2017! Five days in and it’s been rather uneventful.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I haven’t posted in a while since I was so busy in the last stretch of the semester trying not to die taking 15 credits, plus balancing working part-time. I looked at my final grades the other day, and while they’re not all bad, it’s certainly not what I originally planned out my semester to be.

I went into the semester thinking that I finally had my life together, I had cute stationery, I was finally starting to take credits for my major, and I was making money on the side. Then I ended up getting sick in September, which bogged me down for a week, then recovered for a couple days, then got sick AGAIN, recovered for a day, then was hit with a virus AGAIN in mid-October, which set me back in my school work for at least a month. Now I know the consequences of being too meticulously planned. And then the results of the election tired me out too, there was so much political tension everywhere I went that it messed with my mood entirely. And this is coming from someone who enjoys reading about and educating herself on politics.

These, among other things, are the reason why I’m glad it’s a new year. A fresh start. I haven’t made an actual New Year’s resolution since I was about 11 or 12, but every year I do some reflecting on the past year and think about some ways I can improve myself. I came to the conclusion that despite the downfalls of 2016, in my personal growth 2016 was one of my best years yet. Sixteen really was the year.

For 2017, however, it’s looking set to be another great year full of challenges and rewards. After interning with The Tab this past semester, I’ll be writing for College Fashion for the spring semester! My first article for the site was published yesterday, and you can read that here. College Fashion is a site I’ve actually been reading since I was in about 8th grade, wondering what my future career would be, and I’ve been wanting to write for them ever since I found out that they offer internships, which was about my freshman year in high school. I’m so excited to be working with Zephyr and the rest of the CF writers.

I hope to see you all as I try to be more consistent with this blog. I’ve finally bought a nice camera to take higher quality photos, so be prepared for more enhanced content. Thanks for sticking around. ❤

And now, here are some HQs my uncle took with his fancy DSLR at our family New Year’s Eve party, along with some good old iPhone pictures.





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