Review: Sinful Colors King Kylie Collection


If you can’t get your hands on a Kylie Lip Kit, then maybe the best you can get after it is Kylie Jenner’s nail polish collaboration with drugstore nail polish brand Sinful Colors.

I found out about these through Kylie’s Instagram (she’s so problematic but lowkey I think she’s cool – I’m so conflicted), where she swatched some of the shades on some fake nails. And let it be known, she mentioned that the gorgeous shades she showcased were available at where else but Walmart. (Another problematic fave – they don’t pay their employees fair wages but their prices don’t make me feel bad about spending money. I am awful.)

I don’t normally buy nail polish all that often, but I went to Walmart about a month after Kylie posted the shades and picked up three colors that I didn’t have in my current collection: Slay Grey, Kommando, and Kryptonite.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
L to R: Slay Grey, Kommando, and Kryptonite

There was another shade called Fyre that I was seriously debating purchasing, this fiery crimson with golden flecks, but I decided I’d pick more muted shades.

After I got home I checked the Sinful Colors website and found out that there are other Kylie releases with the brand, the ones at Walmart are the King Kylie Collection: The Precious Metals and Crown Jewels, which is part of the brand’s Sinful Shine collection. In one of the best marketing strategies I’ve seen from the Kardashian’s, Kylie has 3 other collections: The Trend Matters-Velvet Mattes (available at Walgreens), the Trend Matters-Satin Mattes (available at Target), and the newest, the Denim & Bling collection (available at Target.) Four collections of the same brand available at three different retailers. I actually tried to go Target to see if I could get more colors, but I think my Target just didn’t have them? Who knows. Anyway, I can hear the “cha-ching” in Kylie’s bank account as I type this.

That being said, these are pretty cheap-especially compared to brands like Essie and OPI, although still more expensive than Sinful Colors’ permanent shades, since I have purchased a few in the past. Normally these would go for about a dollar each, the King Kylie collection cost me $2.98 each at Walmart. (Why they couldn’t just round up to $3 instead is beyond me, but I still give them my money anyway so maybe I shouldn’t be saying anything.)

For that $2.98 aka $3, you get exclusive colors, and exclusive packaging as well. Unlike the usual permanent collection, the King Kylie bottles come with this faux silver chrome like handle emblazoned with Kylie’s logo and a 3D “SC” at the top.

King Kylie packaging vs. regular Sinful Colors packaging (pls ignore the messy post-manicure murder paper towel)

Now on to the product itself. I honestly just love these colors. Here are some pics:

Kommando. The website describes this as a “sparkling nude.” I’d describe it as a pretty light pink-nude with white shimmer.

Kryptonite, a “gorgeous teal green duo-chromatic color.” It’s a pretty accurate description. Also, you should all know that I’m in love with these types of nail colors. Who knows why.

Slay Grey, a “shimmering silver shade,” according to the website. I’d actually describe this is a grey/gray? with golden shimmer.

The Sinful Colors website has a bunch of DIY ideas for different manicures. I chose this look as inspiration, but decided to put my own spin on it by using Kommando as a base and a cheapie gold polish I got for Christmas last year as the “crown jewels.”

Now, I tried to freehand this, which was a total mistake. Take note, if you love yourself at all, don’t let me do your nail polish. I just barely mastered trying to paint one color smoothly and solidly over my nail. BUT, if anything, I am taking pride in the fact that these colors work together so beautifully which clearly I am attributing to my artist’s eye. Kidding, kidding.

the sad life of nails that constantly get bitten and my badly-done Picasso-style nail art.

Now if you notice on the bottles it says, “Step 1,” which means there’s a probably a “Step 2” in creating the perfect Kylie Jenner Mani. In fact, since this is a gel-tech kind of nail polish, Sinful Colors sells a gel topcoat. I didn’t buy it though because I already have two gel topcoats in my stash and who wants to spend unnecessary money? Not this girl.

For this look (if you can even call this mess a “look,”) I used Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat.

Tools of the trade.

In terms of the quality of these polishes, they seem pretty good. I’ve always really liked Sinful Colors, in fact the first nail polish I ever bought for myself was from the brand when I was around 10. They aren’t really quick-dry polishes, but they get the job done and are super pretty.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even go ahead and try to find the other collections to review too. 🙂

**Disclaimer: I bought these products with my own money and of my own accord. I am not being sponsored or paid in any way for this post.



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  1. Ooo Kommando is so pretty!


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